Our approach

To create nurturing environments that are responsive to the nuanced needs of elderly, especially those with dementia, we weave a holistic approach encompassing various specialties. Our project approach is not just about creating spaces; it's about supporting its' users. Through the combined expertise of our partners and the dedication of our team, we bridge the gap between architectural excellence and heartfelt care.


Curious about our daily activities? Contact us:
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  • E. info@kokon.nl

Here’s a closer look into our multi-faceted methodology:

Tailored Excellence with MeduProf-S:
Diving deep into local environments, MeduProf-S pioneers a Train-the-Trainer approach. This molds proficient trainers while emphasizing the gold-standard in training. We go beyond: equipping not just caregivers but also management teams, solidifying our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Innovative Spaces by Kokon & Studio id+:
Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, Kokon and Studio id+ breathe life into spaces. While Kokon reimagines and evolves structures with a touch of modern allure, Studio id+ tailors interiors grounded in research, making every corner a haven of well-being for its elderly residents.

Dementia-Care Mastery from Jan Booij & Prof. Frans Hoogeveen:
Deep knowledge meets vast execution. Jan Booij anchors our approach with behavioral insights, and Prof. Frans Hoogeveen infuses specialized dementia care expertise. Their shared wisdom crafts environments where every individual feels treasured, understood, and nurtured.