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With Livable, you're not just collaborating with a design firm; you're partnering with a repository of wisdom. We bring together age-old principles of balance and harmony with cutting-edge architectural insights. Our experience in the realm of elderly and dementia care is both precise and profound, ensuring the elderly experience a life imbued with dignity, understanding, and comfort.

Publications and interviews by Livable Partners

Prof. Frans Hoogeveen

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Prof. Frans Hoogeveen & Jan Booij

Jan Booij
  • Ruys, E., Jan Booij Advies, & IENEC. (2010). Inter-cultural elderly care and social care in The Hague. IENEC.

    To the City Council of The Hague, inter-cultural care is not a strange or new phenomenon. In the past 25 years a lot has happened in this field. Several organizations to do with elderly care have already formulated policies in order to also serve the new residents of The Hague. And yet, it is still not generally accepted and that has been the Council’s incentive to prominently put this item on the agenda. Not just talk this time, but act and thereby very clearly work towards changing care giving institutions into culture sensitive organizations. Not just to new clients, but to also unite all employees on all levels and of all cultural backgrounds.

  • Stam, C. (2006). De schizofrene positie van de “zwakkere” oudere. Jan Booij Advies.

    (Only available in Dutch) Jan Booij is a consultant for healthcare institutions, specialising in intercultural care, demand management and product development. Booij sees this turnaround in the labour market in the increasing interest of companies in things like age-aware personnel policy. That gives hope, but Booij is still cautious: "I do think that companies still need to take a step forward in recognising the value of older employees in the organisation, and with the skill to deploy that value purposefully."
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