Partners of Livable

Livable represents the synergized efforts of Kokon Architecture & Urban Design, Studio id+, Prof. Frans Hoogeveen's deep understanding of dementia, Jan Booij's insights into the international world of elderly care, MeduProf-S’s decades of experience in healthcare training, and Lan Senior Care China's local expertise and experience. This coalition ensures we deliver unparalleled care architecture and training for care professionals, making us a forerunner in the industry.


"Through our many years of experience in various parts of the world, we bring a broad understanding of the practical needs of a diverse group of cliënts to the floor of Livable."

MeduProf-S is an international company with its head office in Arnhem, the Netherlands and representatives in Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique and is active in Africa, South America and China. The company is represented by Willem van Prooijen. Since 1996, they offer practical healthcare and elderly care training, curriculum development and hospital human resource solutions. MeduProf-S focuses predominantly on emerging countries and countries in transition. The HR & education department of MeduProf-S has a longstanding experience in the provision of sustainable capacity building programs in Healthcare facilities worldwide with six departments: Healthcare, Didactics & Curriculum Development, Quality & Change, Management, Biomedical Engineering & IT and Hygiene & Foodsafety.

Jan Booij

"In the initial stages, I can think along from the content, ask questions to clarify assignments, both with the client and contractor. Evoke other perspectives. And deploy my international network where desired."

Jan Booij is a director and executive in healthcare, especially in elderly care, specialised in international healthcare issues, with 25 years of experience in collaboration between the Netherlands and China. With his company 'Jan Booij Advies', Jan Booij focuses mainly on strategic advice for wellness and care organisations, cities and national government and organisations moving in the broad field around them. Diversity issues are often central to this. Earlier, he worked as director of nursing homes, director in advocacy and youth health care, nurse and manager in care and nursing homes, hospitals, GGZ and home care. Together with Grete Madsen, he founded the European Network on Intercultural Elderly Care ( He also is involved in various partnerships between care organisations, city governments, knowledge institutes and universities in China, Germany and Europe.

Kokon Architecture & Urban Design

"Livable is involved from the very beginning of a project. By not framing the creativity and possibilities of architecture in the schedule of requirements, it creates many more opportunities for a suitable design."

Architectural firm Kokon specialises in residential construction, residential care projects and urban planning. Kokon is represented by Henk Middelkoop. Founded in the 1930s, the firm has been producing beautiful works for almost a century. Kokon has particular expertise in designing with care buildings for long-term care. Including the transformation of the Gemiva institution Swetterhage, for which Kokon designed both the urban plan and the new construction of the housing and activity centres, and apartment complex Havenveste with care flats and additional facilities. With years of architectural experience, they bring design excellence and innovation, understanding the nuances of urban settings. Kokon aims to design a worthy home for everyone which is adapted and at the same time as normal as possible.

Prof. Frans Hoogeveen

"With my expertise in living in old age and dementia, experimental behavioural analysis and the governing mechanisms of the environment on human behaviour and my large international network, I can make a valuable contribution in the early stages."

Prof. Frans Hoogeveen is an independently established specialist in dementia care, working as a gz-psychologist since 1990. He combines clinical work with research, coaching and training of professionals, is a much sought-after speaker at symposia and conferences at home and abroad and author of more than a hundred books and international publications. He was also chairman of the Association for Psychogeriatrics, part of the International Psychogeriatric Organisation, professor of psychogeriatrics at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and editor-in-chief of Denkbeeld, a professional journal on dementia, for many years.

Studio id+

"Studio id+ designs healthy environments from the human experience. Our belief in the power of the sensory experience of space and its positive effect on wellbeing and health is reflected in Livable."
Studio id+ works with great passion, knowledge and experience on assignments within the care sector, on residential/care environments for people with dementia, office environments and other relevant assignments. Specializing in interior design, they craft indoor spaces that resonate with the unique needs of the elderly. The bureau is represented by owner and interior architect Anja Dirks. Studio id+ believes in the power of specialisation, combines research and design, collaborates a great deal and actively disseminates the knowledge acquired. In a world with so much knowledge and information, not being able to do a little bit of everything, but doing a few things super well. Within the Studio id+ team, all qualities and specialisations are represented to give projects the plus they deserve, together with clients.

Visit Studio id+ 's website here

Lan Senior Care Beijing

"Long-term care industry is facing tough challenges. Meaningful use of technology must be the key solution. We're doing this because we care. We care about the quality of life of those suffering from Dementia in China."
China is an important market for Livable because there is a close relationship between Netherlands and China that fosters cooperation of projects in the field of elderly and long term care. The company is represented by Thomas Cheng. Lan Senior Care, Beijing just became our China partner in February. This partner has participated in all stages of large-scale senior care facility projects since 2017. It works with state-owned enterprises and government entities to implement these projects. Lan Senior Care, Beijing also has partners in various related domains such as real estate development, project financing, human resource services, and information technologies. The bilateral partnership was celebrated in a ceremony, with the attendance of Nico Schiettekatte 史明康, Counselor for Health, Welfare and Sport at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China.